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You work hard to ensure your wood floors look beautiful, but over time, the finish on your wood floors is slowly worn down by the friction of daily foot traffic. If the necessary steps to properly maintain them are not met, eventually, bare wood will be exposed requiring a complete refinish. Every few years wood floors should be recoated to maintain their protective layer with a polyurethane coat application. This recoat process safely removes contaminants from your wood floor, rinses it clean, and refortifies the wood floor with a new coat of oil or water-based polyurethane. In less than a day you can have a new coat of finish that restores the beauty and prolongs the life of your wood floor.

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  • Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition in our home, has beauty, strength, character, and creates a beautiful backdrop for any style room. To keep your wood floors looking their best, we recommend a professional cleaning every year or so. Our wood floor professionals can buff away dirt and scuffs, leaving a shiny, polished surface. We also use cleaners that are specifically designed for wood floors and will not leave a dull residue.


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